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2nd International Symposium un Visual Physiology, Environment, and Perception successfully organized in Vilnius
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In 2018, the symposium was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was jointly organized by the Lithuanian Neuroscience Association, the Department of Optometry and Vision Science (University of Latvia), as well as the University of Tartu (Estonia), bringing together the 10th Conference of Lithuanian Neuroscience Association and the 2nd International Symposium on Visual Physiology, Environment, and Perception (the conference webpage:

176 researchers and students took part in the event representing 15 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, USA and Japan). In total, there were 23 oral reports and 50 poster presentations at the conference. The authors of three best poster presentations received the awards.

In 2020, the symposium will be held in Tallinn (Estonia).

2nd International Symposium on Visual Physiology, Environment, and Perception!
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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Symposium on Visual Physiology, Environment, and Perception! VisPEP2018 will be held in Vilnius (Lithuania), organized in a close collaboration with Lithuanian Neuroscience Association.

Venue: Headquarters of the Vilnius University
Hosting institution: Lithuanian Neuroscience Association
Dates: November 30 - December 1, 2018

Detailed information about the event will be available soon in the website of Lithuanian Neuroscience Association.

We hope to see you at the VISPEP2018!





Book of Abstracts
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Book of Abstracts is available now in electronic form.


Conference dinner is still available
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Dear participant,

there are still places to apply for conference dinner.

To apply for closing dinner please contact us directly through

Applications through conference system are not available anymore.

Our visual illusion adventure will end up at closing dinner.

Take a look at the "Klīversala" restaurant.



Manuscript submission
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We welcome all participants to submit their manuscripts for publication in the Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences; Section B: Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences. It is the Journal of Latvian Academy of Science offering Open Access for all publications. We will prepare one separate issue as a proceeding of the 1st International symposium on visual physiology, environment, and perception. The deadline for submissions – 1st October 2016. More information is available here.



Payment with debit/credit cards is now available
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Starting from 24.08.2016. it is possible to pay your registration fee and additional payments (accompanying person, closing dinner) using your debit/credit cards. Please, follow the instructions under "Bank cards" after your login to the system at
You can still add or change your information in the registration page.



Guidelines for presenters
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Dear participant,

Visit the Guidelines for presenters page for details!



Stay at home and participate in the Symposium!
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If you do not have a possibility to travel to Riga, you can still participate in the Symposium. In a registration form chose the registration type "videoconference" (only for 30 Eur) and watch the presentation more interesting for you as well as ask the questions to the presenters during discussion (more details about the video chat will be available in the September) lying on your sofa at home or staying in your office.
You will receive the certificate of attendance at the end of the Symposium.

Registration on videoconference will be available also in September.



Conference programm is available!
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Click to download the simposium programme.

Minor changes to the programme can occur until the start of the symposium. We will keep the PDF versions on our website ( up to date at all times. Please check back regularly our website ( to download the most recent versions of the programme.




Early registration – 1 September 2016
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The program of the symposium is now being prepared. We have participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Brazil, UK, USA. There will be oral presentations and posters about illusions, comfortable brightness, colour vision, fixation disparity, binocular functions, amblyopia, myopia, orthokeratology, keratoconus, visual grouping, mental rotation, coherent motion etc.

Our main sponsor HOYA will present Hoya EyeGenius, a completely new system for full vision examination with a unique method for measuring and correcting fixation disparity. It is the fastest solution on the market today, delivering the ideal prismatic prescription in under ten minutes. Essential background information about the new system will be presented to explain its functioning.



The early registration is still available up to 1 September 2016.

For those having no possibility to attend the symposium in Riga, we offer possibility to follow the lectures and presentations via videoconference. To register for videoconference, please tick the option “Videoconference”. You will get your login and password to attend. We are still working to ensure that videoconference participants can take active part in discussions.

Hope you will enjoy the symposium.



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We are pleased to announce the winners of the Student's competition:

Germany: L.V.Eberhardt "Examining crowding using a real three-dimensional experimental setup"

Germany: S.Breitenbach “Interviewing children with reading difficulties about environmental factors influencing their reading performance”
Latvia: L.Kozulina "Corneal curvature changes using long term orthokeratology"
Lithuania: A.Petrulis "Metameric light sources: a recent paradigm for functional lighting"


All student competition winners will have full support: they participation fees will be covered by the organizers of the Symposium and their travel and accommodation expenses will be kindly supported by the Baltic-German University Liaison Office. The project of the Baltic-German University Liaison Office is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic Germany. All winners of the Student competition are invited to attend closing dinner free from charge.


The content of this publication is solely responsibility of University of Latvia and does not reflect the position of Baltic-German University Liaison Office.