The main aim of this Symposium is to promote cooperation and communication between researchers and research fields, as well as exchange of information on the state-of-the-art of research and equipment in various topics of vision science:

  • Visual physiology (accommodation, binocular eye movements, pupil physiology);
  • Environment (lighting, visual fatigue, technology of visual stimuli);
  • Visual perception (visual attention, colour perception, spatial vision);
  • Clinical studies (clinical studies in optometry – clinical cases, diagnostics, and treatment)

We welcome participants from any country involved in various fields of vision science!

Biennial symposium started by University of Latvia Department of Optometry and Vision Science, will be organized in Tallinn, Estonia in 2021 by Tallin Health College.

In 2018 symposium took place in Vilnius, Lithuania in collaboration with Lithuanian Neuroscience Society.